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Frequently Asked Questions


Question - Will inlays stand up to constant exposure to the elements?

Answer  -Like all woods the elements will eventually affect the wood. My inlays are 1/8” to ¼” thick and glued into a corresponding pocket using a polyurethane glue and will give years of service. I do recommend  a cover for products exposed to the sun and rain.

QuestionWhat grade of teak and hardwoods are used in your products?

Answer - I use solid Burmese teak in our tables and if you order our mahogany or cherry hard woods they are selected from the finest furniture grade lumber and matched for color and grain.

Question - Can you stain your tables to match my current interior?

Answer - While we can stain our tables to closely match your current interior, we strongly recommend against it. At some time during your tables life it will become dented nicked and chipped and require refinishing with a stained table you are bound to sand into the stain removing a chip or dent this will lighten the stained area and you most likely never match the color and shade leaving a blotchy table. Natural wood is a beautiful thing!

Question - What finishes are used on your products?

Answer - Our tables are shipped without finish sanded to 220 finish ready for your preferred finish. We will finish your table in gloss or satin using the following process. Our standard finish  is two coats of Smith & Co's Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer   Bristol Finish a two part urethane finish in either gloss or satin. This finish is 10 times more UV resistant than ordinary varnish and 100 times more abrasion resistant then ordinary varnish and the classic boat finish.

Question - What is the detail achieved in inlays?

Answer - While a great amount of detail is achieved for two dimensional works I do not shade inlays as this will fade with time. I do add contrast lines in some art work to a depth of .20 thousands of an inch these lines can be  filled with a clear or contrasting epoxy. My 3-D inlay work has a great amount of detail that explodes the detail  when highlighted with stains and finishes.

Question - Are mounting brackets provided with cockpit tables?

Answer -  I  do price cockpit table mounting  brackets with my cockpit tables these brackets are  electro polished 340 stainless steel and an excellent value that provide a positive lock in the up position. These are the best table supports I have seen or used!


Applying Finish Tip


Four  coats is required by many products for minimum UV resistance and durability. Six coats is usually  recommended for optimum performance. More coats may be required to completely fill the wood grain to get that mirror finish. More coats (eight or more) will be required for severe tropical exposure. The more coats you apply the deeper and wetter the finish looks.